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Why do the Taliban wear white sneakers?

Why do the Taliban wear white Servis Cheetahs sneakers?


The Servis Cheetah sneakers defy the common perception that durability and sneakers seldom go hand in hand. They’ve gained a reputation for lasting up to a year, even under strenuous conditions often associated with insurgent work, all while requiring minimal maintenance.

What sets them apart from many popular brands, like N*ke, is their origin and commitment to quality. Unlike most sneakers made in China, Servis Cheetahs prioritize durability over profit margins. For those of us who don’t log as many daily miles as the average American, they effortlessly withstand daily wear and tear.

What’s more, these sneakers offer a stylish alternative to pricier options like Jordan’s, and they come at a fraction of the price you’d find on platforms like StockX. Even enthusiasts of brands like Altama can’t help but appreciate this undeniable truth.

Remarkable History of White Servis Cheetahs

The sneakers became widely recognized symbols during the ongoing Insurgency in Afghanistan, to the extent that Coalition Forces began linking these shoes to potential enemy combatants. Interestingly, the Servis Cheetah sneakers enjoyed immense popularity not only among Afghan citizens but also among Afghan Security forces, whether they were on or off duty.

The Taliban, in particular, had a penchant for the white high-top Servis Cheetahs, possibly because the white color matched their flag. However, it’s worth noting that the black variants of these sneakers also found favor within the Taliban ranks.

What kind of shoes do the Taliban wear?

Taliban fighters have adopted a distinctive fashion choice: white leather high-top sneakers known as “Cheetahs.” These sneakers feature green and yellow accents and are manufactured by Servis Shoes. Interestingly, they were originally popular among athletes and became a notable part of the Taliban’s dress code.

Why do the Taliban wear white High Tops Cheetahs?

Najibullah Aqtash, a local Taliban commander in Kunduz Province, explained, “We often wear white shoes, symbolizing peace.” He pointed out that the color white also corresponds to the Taliban’s flag.

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