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What is a Servis cheetah?

What is a Servis cheetah

The Servis Cheetah shoe has gained significant attention in the Middle East and South Asia as a popular running and sportswear choice. Interestingly, some of this attention, whether positive or negative, has been linked to its usage by various groups, including the Taliban, Mujahideen, and even Afghan Security Forces over the past four decades.

Iconic Servis Cheetahs Sneakers

Prolonged Insurgency in Afghanistan

During the prolonged insurgency in Afghanistan, a peculiar and unexpected fashion statement emerged on the battlefield – the white leather high-top sneakers known as “Cheetahs.” These sneakers, complete with green and yellow trim, are manufactured by Servis Shoes and became emblematic in this conflict. They garnered such notoriety that even Coalition Forces began to associate them with potential enemy combatants, adding a layer of intrigue to their role in the conflict.

What’s truly fascinating about the Servis Cheetah sneakers?

What’s truly fascinating about the Servis Cheetah sneakers is that they transcended their association with armed combatants. They enjoyed immense popularity not only among Afghan civilians but also within the Afghan Security forces, both during their official duties and off-duty hours. This unusual convergence of style and functionality made these sneakers a ubiquitous presence in the war-torn landscape of Afghanistan.

Among the Taliban, in particular, the white high-top Servis Cheetahs became a distinctive choice. This choice may have been influenced by the fact that the white color aligned with the symbolism of peace and harmony, mirroring the white in the Taliban’s flag. However, it’s worth noting that the black variants of these sneakers also found favor within the ranks of the Taliban, underlining the versatile appeal of this footwear.

In the midst of a complex and tumultuous conflict, the Servis Cheetah sneakers emerged as an unexpected cultural phenomenon, symbolizing both style and resilience. They served as a reminder that even in the most challenging of circumstances, elements of everyday life and fashion can take on a unique and unexpected significance.

Servis Cheetah Sizing Guide

The Servis Cheetah shoes follow the UK shoe sizing chart, which is typically one size larger than the US shoe sizing chart. For instance, a UK 10 corresponds to a US 11.

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